Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Distracted… Less so Now

The return of bullet points (not literally)

Covering lots of ground in a short period of time. In my head the “Montage” song is from Team America is playing.

Been absent in my blogging

I could make some excuse about having nothing interesting to say but we all know that isn’t true. Flaked on the Oscars as well as the half a dozen films I’ve seen in the past couple months (p.s., none of them were good). Was involved in a hellish low-budget production which kicked my ass. Then was involved in a startlingly rare “relationship” (her scare quotes, not mine) that really kicked my ass and am now pulling myself out of the flaming crater that is the aftermath. I hope to figure out what the hell went wrong there but in the meantime I find myself with a lot more free time on the weekends.

Been a Twittering fiend

I found my latest fix however in Twitter right around the time I got my iPhone. If you’re reading this now you absolutely should sign up for an account as there’s rarely any thought going through a person’s head that wouldn’t be improved by being condensed down to 140 characters. Sadly the more adept I become at Twitter the less need I’ll have for long form blogging. Call it selling out or giving up or simply no longer caring, but I think I’ve found my new love.

Feeling creative again

For the first time in months I feel flush with new script idea. This extends both to screenplays I’ve already started and ones in the pipeline. It feels good to be passionate about what it is you aspire to do once again.


Steel City will be out on DVD on May 6th. As I’ve spent the past three months scrambling to assemble elements for this event it’s especially rewarding to see pre-orders being taken at sites like Amazon.com and Best Buy. Hint, hint, hint.

Coachella still sucks

Nope, no less bitter about this. Andrew’s unofficial Christmas is still a floating turd and nothing in the past two months has changed that fact. Meanwhile Lollapalooza rumors are heating up and I may have to build a return engagement to the Windy City into my schedule/budget. I wonder if that girl still lives there.

I’m finished.


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