Friday, April 13, 2007

I wish I could just shut the fuck up...

I have a blog. Yes, another one. As if I didn’t have enough outlets for unsolicited "opinionating" and poorly spell-checked shit-talking.

I’d been toying with the idea for a little while now, especially as the volume of posts on my Myspace blog have been increasing steadily over the past few months. Myspace has been a great stop-gap but it’s too confining. You can’t embed photos or video into the text and frankly, there’s still a bit of a stigma attached to it. I don’t care how many fucking novels Zach Braff writes on his Myspace, it tends to reduce even the best pieces of writing to the level of overly-confiding 13-year-old girls.

So I’ve placed my toe in the water over at Blogger, which is the same server company that The House Next Door is built on. And if it’s good enough for Matt Zoller Seitz it’s good enough for me… for now.

I’m still getting a feel for the software so it’s a bit rough at the outset. Ideally I see myself posting to it several times a week but the road to hell is paved with articles I never got around to finishing. The new site will hopefully keep me sane while I’m out on the road with Steel City in late May and June, and allow me to record some of the madness of my first theatrical release. I somehow managed to “do” Sundance without taking a single photograph to prove I was even there so I have every intention of avoiding the same mistake this time around (especially as it could be years before I get another opportunity).

This isn’t a “movie review site:” I’ve done that, and it’s tedious and you get diminished results over time. There really is no format to it. If I see something (in any medium) that I feel inspired to write about, I will. If there’s something going on in my life that’s worth sharing, it will be here. It’s as simple as that. My stuff for the House Next Door aside, I tend to have a pretty low-impact, conversational writing style so hopefully it will be enjoyable for others to read, and if not, at least I’ll have another way of documenting this period of my life.

Also, I’m still completely addicted to Myspace, so don’t worry about me disappearing from there entirely. As long as there are still friends, acquaintances and former girlfriends to cyber-stalk, I will still be logging in there a couple times a day. This site is me simply attempting to branch out a bit and hopefully rope in a few eyeballs who are turned off by the whole “Myspace” experience.

Let’s see how long I can make a go of this.

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