Tuesday, October 23, 2007

30 Second Film Review: 30 Days of Night (David Slade)

I’m way behind so I’m now in all glib soundbytes all the time mode.

Pretty but dead inside: and you wondered why they cast Josh Hartnet. Slade can compose a gorgeous shot, but as with Hard Candy (aka Hostel’s more arty cousin) it’s yet to be seen whether he can place any two of them in successive order to generate legitimate tension or momentum. The film fails to exploit its on clever premise instead stealing style and story tropes from (insert your favorite genre film of the last 10 years here), forgoing a white-knuckle war of attrition in favor of quick cut action and colorful gore. What’s the point of making a film about a siege with a finite team period if there’s no real sense of how your characters are surviving day by day or how much longer they’ve got? Raimi’s just having an awful year, isn’t he? C-

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Dan Coyle said...

I remember the comics community was all up in arms about this book when it debuted four or five years ago- the comic gets by on the atmospheric artwork that disguises the hacky, cliched nature of the plot.

But at the time the current prevailing wisdom was that if it didn't have a superhero in it it was a work of sublime genius and must be supported and loved OR COMICS WILL DIE.